Claymills Victorian Pumping Station   [ Steam Powered ]

E Engine House

Original E engine house

E engine house was built in the 1920's to house a large twin impeller pump driven by an electric motor.
The pump was removed and the building was demolished in the 1980's.

Replica E engine house

When the Trust was successful in repatriating several engines whose original locations were no longer available, it was decided to recreate E engine house to display these "homeless" engines.
The building was constructed on the original foundations.

Ex-portable engine

The portable engine used to work on the farm, but was replaced by an electric motor.
It was brought back to the station where it was connected to the site steam supply and the motion continued to drive lime machinery.

Agitator engine

The agitator engine drove paddles mounted on a long shaft down in the sewage culvert.

Storm water pump

The centrifugal storm water pump was driven by this engine.
Apart from the beam engines, this is the largest other engine at the station and the only other engine built with a condenser.

Bennis Westminster experimental engine

The Bennis Westminster engine was used to drive the experimental sewage treatment plant.

Sissons engine and Lee Howel pump

The Sissons engine with Lee Howel pump used to pump boiler feed water.

Bailey pump

The Bailey pump was used on the chlorinator at Burton swimming baths.

Hughes pump

The Hughes pump was also used on the experimental sewage treatment plant.

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