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Ratty Tails

Ratty Tails Book 1 Ratty Tails Book 2 Ratty Tails Book 3

Once upon a time at Claymills...

For several years now, the rats of Claymills Victorian Pumping Station have led young people on an exciting trail around the site.

So, when someone said, "Why don't we write stories about our rats", everybody said, "Great idea!" Other people volunteered to make models and take photographs - and the Steam Rats team was born.

A year later, we proudly present the first book of our "Ratty Tails", the story of how the rats first came to Claymills in the time of the great Queen Victoria.

Ratty Tails

In Book 2

Following on from their adventures as they find their new home, fighting off the evil Gripper on the way, the rats are now happy at Claymills, living in peace with all around.
But... Gripper always wants what he can't have, and he wants to be King of Claymills, so he plants a DOUBLE AGENT amongst them. Discover how the rats find out, and what they do about it, in the second thrilling instalment!

Book 3 of the famous Ratty Tails is now here.

If you read our two previous Ratty Tails books, you will know that Gripper, the evil one, is very hard to get rid of. Book 3, "The Secret Weapon", out now, will tell you how he meets his Nemesis.

"Ratty Tails" book 1 is an A5 size book comprising 43 pages with many colour photographs of the rats.
Book 2 is also A5 size comprising 54 pages.
Book 3 is also A5 size comprising 47 pages.
Price £6.99 each.
All proceeds will go to The Claymills Pumnping Engines Trust.

Copies may be obtained by visiting the Pumping Station


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Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

The Trilogy

All three books
£23.97 GBP

We hope you enjoy them!

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