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2011 News Archive

December 2011

• The work on the condenser pipework has been completed and the hole filled in. The stirling efforts of the volunteers involved have been featured in the Burton Mail.

November 2011

• At the October steaming problems were encountered in maintaining a vacuum on D engine and the reason for this has been under investigation. It had been suspected that the condenser pipework had sprung a leak, resulting in a loss of cooling water and part of the yard has been dug up to expose the pipework from the engine house to the valves in the yard and a split in the cast iron pipework has been found. Work is currently on going to bring these valves indoors into the basement of C/D engine house with the priority to complete this for the New Year steaming.

October 2011

• This month the site was in steam for three consecutive days. The first two were our regular weekend steaming. This photo shows our woodturning demonstration and some of the items he has created.
On the following Monday, we were visited by 95 children from William Shrewsbury Primary School - they had a wonderful day and most of them returned to school with blackened faces (but clean hands).

• Some time ago a set of steps next to our workshop became unsafe and needed repair or replacement. It was noticed that these cast iron steps were of exactly the same design as the steps in the engine houses, so it was decided to repair the steps rather than fit a modern replacement. This entailed making an intricate pattern for the step treads, from which new cast iron steps were made. The side plates also needed attention. The steps were then reassembled, painted and lowered into position. A 4x4 provided a sturdy anchor point for the tirfor!

September 2011

• The process of fitting the mahogany cladding to D engine continues. Two thirds of the strips of mahogany for the low pressure cylinder have been fitted to the engine.

• The September steaming had a couple of additional visiting vehicles. Photo-1 Photo-2

• At steaming weekends, we also have a children's 'Try a craft' corner.

August 2011

• The August bank holiday steaming was themed as a Victorian event and period clothing was provided to some of our visitors. Photo-1 Photo-2 Photo-3

• The stoker mechanism on Boiler 5 has now been removed from the boiler to allow inspection of the front plate. Photo-1 Photo-2

July 2011

• The Claymills Classic Car Club was founded in 2007 and meets at the pumping station on the first Wednesday of the month. Photo-1. Photo-2.

June 2011

• The process of fitting the mahogany cladding to D engine continues. The strips of mahogany for the low pressure cylinder have been treated with linseed oil and genuine turpentine. They were then graded by colour and cut to the correct length.

• The refurbishment of Boiler 5 is also progressing. The stone slabs and brickwork on the boiler top has been removed to expose the side flues. The boiler shell can now be needle gunned ready for inspection. Work is also progressing to dismantle the automatic stoker to expose the front plate of the boiler.

May 2011

• The J.H.Wilson winch, which returned to Claymills in February, has been overhauled and a test run was performed during the May bank holiday weekend steaming. After a minor adjustment to the valve gear, the engine ran for the rest of the day.

Two of the wheels for the pipe drug have now been fitted to the chassis. The third is shown here resting on a wheelwright's anvil which will used when the iron tyres are fitted.

April 2011

• Following all the hard work on Boiler 4, it passed the boiler inspection and was in steam for Easter.

• The wheels for the pipe drug are progressing well. 3 have been completed and the 4th is being constructed.

March 2011

• Work is continuing on the road-end entrance to CD engine house. The area around the compressor engine and camshafts has now been cleaned and painted. The work now descends into the basement around the surge vessels.

• Welding repairs have been carried out on Boiler 4 and it is now being prepared for the steam test.

February 2011

• Another engine returns to Claymills!! Following negotiations, the J.H.Wilson & Co. of Liverpool winch engine has been returned to Claymills. It had been stored for many years at Bradford Industrial Museum. The winch was used to move the railway wagons in the sidings. The engine hauled an endless wire rope around capstans. When a wagon of coal or limestone needed to be moved, a chain was attached to the wagon and a clip was attached to the moving wire! When the wagon was in the correct place, the clip was released.

January 2011

• At the end of 2010 the site suffered a major inundation by sewage sludge and the volunteers, STW employees and external contractors all co-operated in a major clean up operation to allow the first steaming of 2011 to go ahead. Photo1 Photo2 A big thank you to all concerned.

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