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2006 News Archive

December 2006

• 'E' Engine House now has its windows and roof ventilator fitted, so is now well on the way to being weatherproof.

Santa was caught having a quick nap at our steaming between Christmas and new year before joining in with the group of carol singers.

• While the scaffold tower has been seconded by the 'E' Engine House team, cleaning in CD has been restricted to easier access areas such as the columns and girders that support the packing flat. This picture shows a cleaned section to the left and untouched to the right.

November 2006

• This month's progress on 'E' Engine House consists of applying 2 layers of felt to the roof. Glazing the windows is well under way with 108 individual panes of glass having been cut. The construction of the roof ventilator is also nearing completion.

• On the 25th, a special steaming was arranged by the family of Stanley Archer, one of our founder members. Stanley, who is in his 90's also requested that we open to public as well. 77 visitors braved a cold & windy day to visit us and make a special day for Stanley.

October 2006

• The cladding for 'E' Engine House is now complete and the support framework for the roof ventilator has also been constructed. The roof sheets are now in place awaiting felt.

• Visitors are now directed to the site by brown signs. The Trust has been asking for these to be installed for several years, but there are strict rules as to which attractions are allowed to have them installed. The Trust is now a sufficiently important local attraction and the Council has now agreed to their installation.

September 2006

• The main roof structure of 'E' Engine house has now been completed and the cladding of the walls is well under way. More cladding.

• A water softener has been installed & commissioned to treat the boiler water supply.

August 2006

• 'E' Engine house is now progressing quickly and the framework for all the walls is now complete. The flywheel of the storm water pump has also received a coat of red oxide paint.

• The first pair of columns in CD Engine House have been cleaned and treated. In addition, cleaning & polishing of the floorplates and C engine crank are progressing.

• One of the steam valves which had to be removed from the steam main has been removed from the boiler house and following a repaint will now be displayed outside. This picture also shows that the portable and its flywheel have been cleaned and painted.

July 2006

• Following a delay caused by building regulations and structural calculations, the re-construction of 'E' Engine house has taken a momentous step forward with the start of the construction of the framework for the walls. Everyone wanted to see the first panel erected as soon as it had been completed!

June 2006

• The living van interior is almost complete now. The intention is that it will house our 2nd hand bookshop and shelving for this purpose has been constructed along one side.

• Following the return to site of one of the economiser engines last November, we have started the restoration of the economiser closest to CD Engine house. As the economiser is not in use and the scrapers were "gas axed" from the mechanism, this will be a cosmetic restoration. The engine will be used to drive the reversing mechanism and show the chains moving over the wheels. We hope to provide escorted tours to this area of the site subject to appropriate H&S precautions.

• Now that No. 5 boiler has passed its steam test, attention is being focused on No. 4 again. The bricks covering the side flues have been replaced and the boiler front and stoker gear are being worked on.

May 2006

• It is with great sadness that we report that Director and Trustee Bob Martin has passed away. Bob "the builder" joined the Trust in September 2002 and was elected to the board of directors in 2005. Bob has contributed to many projects at Claymills, notably the Joiner's shop, the workshop office and most recently the foundations for 'E' pumphouse. Both pictures in February's item on 'E' feature Bob hard at work. He will be greatly missed and our condolences go to his family.

April 2006

• Many thanks to our Boiler crew who have just spent several weekends needle gunning No. 5 in preparation for the boiler inspector. Its a dirty job in cramped conditions and without their efforts we would not have been ready for the Easter steaming.

• The brickwork for 'E' pumphouse is now complete.

• After testing a small area of floor cleaning in CD, good progress is now being made with removing the accumulated oil and dirt embedded in the chequer plate. After cleaning, the plates are being coated with a modern equivalent of "Zebo" black lead polish. The handrails are also now being polished to a much better finish than we have been able to achieve before.

• The cleaning of 'D' engine surge vessel is now complete and just requires the replacement of the sight glass.

• The boarding on the south railway siding doors has now been replaced.

March 2006

• Thanks to a grant from Staffordshire County Council, we have 2 new signs at the entrance to the site. Photo-1. Photo-2.

• Our bricklayers have struggled through inclement weather to make progress with building the supporting walls for 'E' pumphouse. Our gazebos have been made use of on several occasions to keep the rain off the wet cement and allow work to continue!

• Our joiners and painters have also been hard at work repairing the workshop doors. Much of the boarding was rotten and has now been replaced. This picture shows the doors in a delicate shade of pink undercoat! Work on repairing the frame and replacing the boarding on the south railway siding doors is also well under way.

February 2006

• 'E' pumphouse passed a major milestone with the completion of the floor. Eleven cubic metres of concrete were poured and tamped one cold Saturday morning. Severn Trent kindly allowed us to remove a fence panel and drive the lorry through the sewage works and back right up to the site. A week later, the engine bed and flywheel of the storm water pump are approximately positioned and preparations are being made for bricklaying. The wooden covers set into the floor are service ducts that will bring steam and exhaust pipes to the various engines which will be relocated here.

• Cleaning is continuing in CD engine house. This picture shows that 'D's surge vessel (the right hand vessel) cleaning is progressing and half of the wall behind has revealed a light brown or mustard colour.

January 2006

• A tremendous start to the year - Claymills has been awarded £4,972 by Awards for All (part of the National Lottery) to rebuild 'E' pumphouse. A condition of the award is that the project is completed within 12 months, so we are going to have a busy year!!

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