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2003 News Archive

December 2003

• The boiler repairs were all completed successfully and with new grates installed, No. 5 passed its steam test on the 22nd. We have just spent over £2000 on new firebars and we were rewarded with a plentiful supply of steam for the weekend of the 28th & 29th. On one day we were entertained by carol singers. Nearly 400 visitors braved the elements to come and see us.

November 2003

• The Joiner's Shop base and brick wall's were completed and after allowing the cement to set for a couple of weeks, the sides and roof were erected on a sunny Saturday. The underfelt was also fixed, so by the end of the day, we had a waterproof building.

• The electricians then set to; and 2 weeks later power had been laid on. This involved a major shuffle of circuits in the main distribution board which had to be carried out late in the evening after most of our volunteers had gone home.

• This year's boiler inspection will take place in December. The boiler house is a hive of activity to get No 5 ready. Cleaning the flues is a filthy job and those who venture in are to be commended!!

• We have also set a target to get No 4 into steam for August 2004. The needle gunning of this boiler also continues in readiness for its inspections.

August 2003

• The stairs down to the basement of AB Engine House have been completely rebuilt. The originals had all but rotted away. A new landing was built and 2 new sets of steps now allow easy access to the basement where our boiler feedwater pump is located.

July 2003

• On the 27th July we held a steaming for the Sunbeam Talbot Darraq Register. The yard and the car park were filled with the most wonderful cars that Claymills has seen. Click here for a picture.

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